My 5 Favorite Makeup Products

I’ll be completely honest—it’s not that often that I wear makeup. And if you’re expecting a wide range of products here, you won’t find that with this post. I’m picky when it comes to most things but especially makeup. I want to invest in products that not only make my skin look great, but feel great even after I take it off with ingredients that are skin-friendly.

I want high-quality, proof-that-it-works products. And I can definitely say I’ve found it with these five. Take a look!

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Friday Favorites No. 3

Happy Friday!

After a week of stressful errand-running, I’m so ready to decompress. Maybe I’ll spend the weekend drawing, writing new content or focus more on my Instagram (which definitely could use some TLC as it’s been slightly neglected due to creative content block). But one thing I can always guarantee spending my weekends on is spending time with my wonderful family. We love watching our favorite shows together and talk about how workdays went or other stuff.

Anyway, here’s some links for your clicking pleasure!

A DIY I actually want to do. 

Terrariums, terrariums, and more terrariums.

The cutest chicken stuffed animal you will EVER find. 

Here’s a really helpful guide to take your flat-lay pictures to the next level.

My go-to hairstyle.