Fall Fashion Inspiration

When AUrate challenged me to create the perfect fall outfit, the first question they asked me was how I create the perfect fall outfit.

The first word that came to mind was comfort. Think about it: all those fall activities like pumpkin picking and walking through the orchard are fun but if you’re dressed uncomfortably, it won’t be.

I’m all about being comfortable in my clothes. If I know I’m going to be tugging at falling straps or shifting fabric, I won’t wear that article of clothing.

Fall is the perfect time to break out the big, comfy sweaters along with a good ole pair of denim jeans. And who could get forget the jewelry?

As I say, jewelry is the cherry on top of outfits. It’s that one little thing that makes a huge difference.

When it comes to pairing jewelry with fall attire, there’s one rule: keep it simple!

Oversized sweaters are my favorite look but if you pair that with chunky jewels, it looks unbalanced. Think like a minimalist and grab some simple studs.

Necklaces are great but since most sweaters are made from knits, necklaces can easily become tangled in the fibers. Then, you go to rip the jewelry out of the fabric, causing it to fray. Not a good look.

That’s why I love these earrings from AUrate. All you need is a sweater, jeans, sneakers, and a messy top knot to go with them.

Fall is the best time to break out the classics. Whether that’s a sweater or jewelry, now’s the time to showcase it.

+What’s your fall must have?


Banish Static Cling with These Simple Tips

The enemy of your clothes?

Static cling.

That annoyance that shows up unannounced until you get up from your seat and feel your skirt or dress stick to your legs.

How embarrassing!

To get rid of static cling you don’t need any fancy formulas or techniques. All you really need are items found around the house.

Here are the tips needed to rid yourself of this clothing nuisance.

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5 Fashion Travel Hacks

Whether it’s a staycation or vacation, nothing can prepare you more like a neatly packed bag. Save yourself the headaches of stuff not fitting properly or the result of a broken zipper.

Check out these tips to use next time you pack up your suitcase.

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The Best Colors to Wear According to Your Skin Tone

We’ve all heard compliments about how that shirt compliments our eye or hair color, but what about our skin?

Taking into the consideration all the undertones that make our skin the unique color it is, it can be hard to find clothing that’ll compliment it.

I’ve made it as simple as finding your skin tone below then go shopping!

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Two Clothing Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Throughout the year there are sales galore. Sales for shoes, shirts, skirts… Other items that don’t start with the letter ‘s’… You get the point.

But there are two things you should never pay full price for and if you do… Stop right now! There are some pretty good reasons why that I’ll explain later.

First, let’s see if you can guess which items I’m talking about. Who doesn’t love a good guessing game?

Here we go!

First clue: These items are technically a necessity.

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A sun hat and a backpack

How To Purge Your Closet (The Right Way)

Purging your closet is more than just tossing out clothes then buying more, it’s a strategy of deciding what stays, what goes and why you need to keep that piece of clothing you claim to love. And sorry, but just saying, “it’s cute”, doesn’t work.

Here are the steps for a complete closet pair down:

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