Meet One Company That’s Changing How All Women Find Makeup | Shade Collective

As a woman, it can be difficult to find the right shade of makeup. With so many choices, how can you decide on just one?
There’s a lot of different makeup brands along with their own formulas of colors, shades, and tones. But more importantly, how do you know if it’ll look good on you?

I’m here to tell you about one company that’s transforming the way women buy makeup. For now, they just have a website but have plans of creating it into an app for all mobile devices.

Instead of using models, Shade Collective allows their users to post pictures of themselves wearing a certain brand of makeup where other women can then filter their search results to find users with their similar skin tone. This allows for them to see how that shade or color palette will look on them.

This eliminates the regret of buying what seemed like the perfect shade then trying it on at home and being disappointed. The days of shopping regret is over.

If you want a different way to shop for makeup knowing you’re picking the right one for you, it’s definitely worth signing up.

They actually award their members for helping others by posting pictures through a point system. Once you accumulate enough points, you earn free makeup. How awesome is that?!

With it being used by real people, you get real results. They don’t allow for paid endorsement from companies or users paid to promote one.

The difference is huge. While most companies do create makeup for women of color, most races do go unnoticed or put into the same category as another.

Shade Collective breaks all barriers associated to how we shop and think about makeup. “If they won’t represent us, we will represent ourselves!”

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This Color of Lipstick Can Determine Whether or Not You Land Your Dream Job

We all know how job interviews work; we’re nervous, anxious, a million thoughts (and doubts) are rushing through our brains. Did I wear the right outfit? Do I look “professional” enough? What if my credentials aren’t enough?

Many articles and books state that the outfit you wear can depict what the interviewer thinks of you and can often tell the kind of worker you are. But I think one crucial detail that is often overlooked is makeup. The first impression they see is you as a whole, or in other words, how you look and what you’re wearing. But what about the second impression? It’s your face. When they go in for the handshake and make eye contact, they take notice of your makeup.

To remain professional-like, you don’t want to go overboard with a full blown heavy eye and lip. My suggestion would be a natural look with a bold lip. You want to call attention to your mouth so the interviewer really listens to your awesome, thoughtful answers.

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Here’s a No-Makeup Makeup Look That’s Easy and Sweatproof

While fall is only 241 days away (did you like how I tried making it sound like less time by adding the word ‘only’?), we still have to suffer in the blistering heat for another 240 days. And while we break out the shorts and crop tops, it’s now time to break out the makeup to cover blemishes, sunburns and to keep us looking good while we sweat it out.

But what happens when that makeup we thought was foolproof fails? You know how it goes–foundation streaks down your cheeks, raccoon eyes develop from runny mascara and eyeliner, smudged lipstick because we accidentally wiped it away… It’s so embarrassing…

Let’s stop the madness of worrying about our makeup and annoying those around us because we can’t put down the mirror or we’re constantly asking them if everything is still in place. Now it’s time for a game plan that involves an effortless look with minimal effort.

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Find Your Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick

Everybody loves a red lip. It’s like the holy grail of everything classic. Is that going too far?

Anyway, achieving this look is not as easy as one may think. You can’t just slather any red color onto your lips, it has to be strategically thought out. Maybe this is too drastic for makeup, but it’s the truth. If you don’t have a red that complements your skin tone (or your eyes) nicely, you won’t accomplish the look you were going for.

Let’s take a look at what shade of red works best for you.

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My 5 Favorite Makeup Products

I’ll be completely honest—it’s not that often that I wear makeup. And if you’re expecting a wide range of products here, you won’t find that with this post. I’m picky when it comes to most things but especially makeup. I want to invest in products that not only make my skin look great, but feel great even after I take it off with ingredients that are skin-friendly.

I want high-quality, proof-that-it-works products. And I can definitely say I’ve found it with these five. Take a look!

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