What I’ve Learned From Blogging So Far

I’ve only been blogging for a few months now (I started in April of 2017) but in those few months of blogging, I can honestly say I learned a lot.

I don’t know how many articles I read about starting a blog, but nothing can prepare you better than actually making a blog, designing it and learning everything from scratch. Every blog is different, every person is different. I get so flustered with some articles because they make it seem like such a breeze and when you’re actually in the game, you realize it’s nothing like a breeze. It’s more like a harsh, cold whip of wind.

So, whether you’re just starting a blog or had one for a while now, I thought I’d share some of the things I picked up on in my first few months of blogging.

Take a look!

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Red Lip Tips

Is there anything more classic than a red lip? I think not. To help achieve this look flawlessly, here are some tips to help you along the way!

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A sun hat and a backpack

How To Purge Your Closet (The Right Way)

Purging your closet is more than just tossing out clothes then buying more, it’s a strategy of deciding what stays, what goes and why you need to keep that piece of clothing you claim to love. And sorry, but just saying, “it’s cute”, doesn’t work.

Here are the steps for a complete closet pair down:

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Tips on Being a Craft Fair Vendor

Summer’s approaching faster than ever with temperatures rising like crazy. When you sit and think about it, what does warmer temperatures even mean? Maybe to you they mean road trips to the beach, or walks down the pier. But to me, they mean taking days out of the week to visit local craft shows.

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Social Media Etiquette

In this modern day, social media is so much more than what it used to be. Businesses, whether big or small, are utilizing these platforms to connect to their audiences and gain new ones. I use social media not only for my blog but also for my small handmade jewelry business, Kaev Designs. It has helped me reach new people and create relationships. But there is a wrong way and a right way to go about it so I’ve curated this list to help you keep in mind the important key steps when using social media.

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