5 Fashion Travel Hacks

Whether it’s a staycation or vacation, nothing can prepare you more like a neatly packed bag. Save yourself the headaches of stuff not fitting properly or the result of a broken zipper.

Check out these tips to use next time you pack up your suitcase.

Roll your clothes

When you roll your clothes into a fabric log, it actually creates more space within your luggage. Plus, your clothes have a less chance of getting wrinkled.

Think practical

Just because those six-inch stilettos are cute, doesn’t mean they’ll work at the beach. Think of where you’re going then pack sensible shoes. If you’ll be walking around all day and can’t give up your heels, opt for wedges as the heel is wider, therefore, it takes the pressure off.

Keep essentials in your carry-on

Stuff happens. Flights get delayed, you miss your plane or you’re stuck at the airport longer than you anticipated. When this does happen, it’s good to have your must-haves on you. Pack entertainment, feminine products, and snacks in your carry-on so you’re prepared for anything.

Pack versatile pieces

I’m talking about jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses. Clothing items that can easily be worn by themselves or paired with a jacket or a shirt over them. You can easily turn one of these into multiple outfits on a whim.

Stay with neutral colors

When you pack your clothes, shoes, and accessories, stay in a neutral color lane. Sticking to a color palette eliminates the need to overthink about what pieces go with what, and why you forgot to pack that one shirt that goes with that one jacket.


Easy, right? Now your clothes will be less wrinkled and all your must-haves are with you.


+ Do you have any travel tips? Let me know in the comments!


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