Meet One Company That’s Changing How All Women Find Makeup | Shade Collective

As a woman, it can be difficult to find the right shade of makeup. With so many choices, how can you decide on just one?
There’s a lot of different makeup brands along with their own formulas of colors, shades, and tones. But more importantly, how do you know if it’ll look good on you?

I’m here to tell you about one company that’s transforming the way women buy makeup. For now, they just have a website but have plans of creating it into an app for all mobile devices.

Instead of using models, Shade Collective allows their users to post pictures of themselves wearing a certain brand of makeup where other women can then filter their search results to find users with their similar skin tone. This allows for them to see how that shade or color palette will look on them.

This eliminates the regret of buying what seemed like the perfect shade then trying it on at home and being disappointed. The days of shopping regret is over.

If you want a different way to shop for makeup knowing you’re picking the right one for you, it’s definitely worth signing up.

They actually award their members for helping others by posting pictures through a point system. Once you accumulate enough points, you earn free makeup. How awesome is that?!

With it being used by real people, you get real results. They don’t allow for paid endorsement from companies or users paid to promote one.

The difference is huge. While most companies do create makeup for women of color, most races do go unnoticed or put into the same category as another.

Shade Collective breaks all barriers associated to how we shop and think about makeup. “If they won’t represent us, we will represent ourselves!”

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Sunscreen Isn’t Just for the Summertime + June Jacobs Skincare

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sunscreen or sun protection is that it’s only needed in the summertime.


So wrong, in fact. Does the sun magically go away in the spring, fall, and winter? Does it automatically become less powerful in those seasons?


We are less than a month away from fall and that’s when the sun protection becomes less of a priority.

When you do this, you’re exposing your skin to harmful UV rays that damage your skin when it goes unprotected. Anytime you’re outside is when you need some sort of sunscreen.

Now, the summertime scent is often one of sunscreen. It smells… Unpleasant. Something between plastic and baby powder is how I would describe it.


What if I told you there were products out there that not only combined amazing skin-loving ingredients such as antioxidant-rich pomegranate, white tea, goji berry and green tea, just to name a few mixed with lavish scents of mint, citrus, and freshness?

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Banish Static Cling with These Simple Tips

The enemy of your clothes?

Static cling.

That annoyance that shows up unannounced until you get up from your seat and feel your skirt or dress stick to your legs.

How embarrassing!

To get rid of static cling you don’t need any fancy formulas or techniques. All you really need are items found around the house.

Here are the tips needed to rid yourself of this clothing nuisance.

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How to Create a Capsule Jewelry Collection

We’ve all heard of a capsule wardrobe for our clothes but what about curating one for jewelry?

Jewelry is like the cherry on top, as I like to say. It’s what is needed to complete any outfit, whether you wear one piece or a few. It makes us feel good to know the piece(s) we chose compliment us and our clothing.

Ready to create your own capsule jewelry collection? Here are some tips to get you started.

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5 Fashion Travel Hacks

Whether it’s a staycation or vacation, nothing can prepare you more like a neatly packed bag. Save yourself the headaches of stuff not fitting properly or the result of a broken zipper.

Check out these tips to use next time you pack up your suitcase.

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What’s to Come

Hey, guys!

I just want to start off by saying I apologize for the silence and lack of posts.

I’ve recently accepted a position as a writer for an SEO firm and I’m still getting a hold of balancing work life with my blog and my handmade business.

But, I want to give you a guys a little heads up on what’ll be on the blog in the next few weeks.

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