The Best Colors to Wear According to Your Skin Tone

We’ve all heard compliments about how that shirt compliments our eye or hair color, but what about our skin?

Taking into the consideration all the undertones that make our skin the unique color it is, it can be hard to find clothing that’ll compliment it.

I’ve made it as simple as finding your skin tone below then go shopping!

Light skin tone

For my porcelain ladies, think jewel tones- ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Those deep, rich tones are what’ll make you stand out in a good way.

Not crazy about those colors? Try a tan palette like khaki, camel or beige. To accent that, go with a baby or pastel blue. Don’t worry, these colors won’t make you look washed out. They’ll compliment the cool undertones in your skin.

Medium skin tone

For my sun-kissed babes, let’s take a walk on the wild side. Metallics are your new neutrals, especially anything rose gold.

Want to go crazier? Flash everyone (not literally, of course) with pops of neon color! Fluorescent greens, yellows, pinks… I’m totally getting a peek into what the ‘80s looked like.

Wanting something a little less… Loud? One neutral that’ll perfectly match your skin tone is grey. Pretty much any kind of grey. Blue-grey, dove grey, purple-grey, I think you get the idea.

Rich skin tone

Now for my beautiful bronze babes… You seriously have the best of every color world. Bright colors, muted colors, neutral colors… You got it all! There is no color that won’t look good on you. How lucky!

For maximum impact, go with rich, saturated colors like cobalt blue or royal purple. Yellow and red are also good options.


You feel your best when you’re wearing clothes you feel good in. Now that you know which colors best suit your skin tone, I just have this to say to you:

Happy shopping!


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