Get a Good Night’s Sleep When It’s More Than 90 Degrees Outside

One thing I always struggle with in the summertime is sleeping. It’s excruciatingly hot outside with no end in sight or feeling for that matter. I start off the night okay, I go to bed, fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with no covers. I’m warm, restless and miserable because I’m lying awake when I should be sleeping.

Now I’ll admit, my apartment isn’t the best when it comes to air conditioning and the sun likes to set itself on the windowed sliding glass door in the afternoon. When that time comes, my apartment gets sweltering hot, to the point where no matter how cold the AC gets and how many fans are on, there’s nothing to beat the heat. This lasts all the way up until bed time when the sun finally sets.

Tired of suffering throughout bedtime (hey, I need my beauty sleep!) here are some tips for staying cool all through the night.

  • Freeze your pillow case; that’ll keep your head and neck nice and cool.
  • Bath time; take a cool bath before bed, this reduces your body heat.
  • Make a cooling towel; place a cold, damp towel on your forward before you go to sleep. Get a towel wet, put in the freezer for about a half of an hour, or until frozen thoroughly.
  • Use a humidifier; make sure it’s one of those cool mist humidifiers. They pump out cooling mist. Definitely worth the investment if you find yourself getting more heated as the night goes on.
  • Replace your comforter; instead of those bulky blankets, replace it with a lightweight quilt.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem (the heat likes to cause a lot of trouble) but now you can rest your weary head knowing you’ll stay cool; not thinking of sleeping inside a freezer.


+ Let me know in the comments if these tips worked for you! If you’re curious about who the cute cat is, that’s Luna! You can see more of her (and my others) on Instagram



  1. I also LOVE filling up a hot water bottle, popping it into the freezer in the morning, and then taking it out at night and cuddling it whilst I sleep! You can also put these in your bed half hour or so before getting in, and it works a treat! x

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