4 Useful Tips That Makes Packing Your Beauty Items a Breeze

If you’re planning on traveling soon, you know how it can be sort of a nightmare to get everything packed. And when I say packed, I mean packed properly. Not at the last minute, shove-everything-into-the-suitcase-and-hope-it-fits, packed.

Clothing is no problem as you can just roll everything into a log and it’ll all fit snuggly. And I’m going to go ahead and guess you have another suitcase for your shoes, so what about your beauty items? More importantly, how do you pack your beauty essentials properly without anything breaking open? That’s always the problem when I travel is making sure it’s all secure. No worries about splits, cracks or product exploding inside my luggage.

Take a look at these helpful tips to remember the next time you pack your beauty must-haves.

  • Put tape around the seal of containers. This prevents your favorite lotion from bursting open causing an unsightly mess over everything.
  • Utilize those travel size containers you can get from any store (or hotel, I don’t judge.) and fill with your favorites. This eliminates having to bring along bulky items that take up half the room inside your suitcase.
  • Nothing is worse than having your powder foundation compact break open all over your clothes. Trust me, getting powder foundation out of clothing is a real pain to try and attempt. Prevent this from happening by simply placing a cotton pad inside the compact.
  • Have you heard of using a contact lens case for your beauty essentials? If not, this works wonders for single-use applications such as nail polish remover or a lip scrub.

Simple, huh? Taking a few minutes to apply these steps will save you hours of frustration over broken seals and liquid stains on your clothes if you weren’t to use them.


+ How do you travel with your beauty products? Share your tips below!


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