Blog Update No. 1

Hey, guys! Since the start of the blog, I’ve changed a few things that you may or may not have noticed. So, I thought I’d do kind of an update in the form of a post to let you guys in on all the changes.

Some are just cosmetic so I won’t go into too much detail on those, but as for the others, here’s what is new:


Screenshot of onyx + quartz blog

This is for both mobile and desktop. Whenever you log on to the blog (like my rhymes?) it’ll show two menu-looking buttons. The one on the left is the regular menu where you can visit the different pages. Opposite to that is the sidebar, which leads me on to the next update.

Email signup page

Screenshot of onyx + quartz blog

When the sidebar is clicked, it brings up almost like a pop-up and page hybrid. It’s not exactly a page and it’s not exactly a pop-up. This is where you can now enter your email to receive notifications when new posts are live.

This is really helpful to me so I can always keep you guys updated on new stuff. Plus, I eventually want to migrate from WordPress to another platform so when that time comes, I’ll have your email to let you know!

Social media links

Screenshot of onyx + quartz blog

Now when you scroll all the way to the footer, it’ll now show my social media links. It shows Pinterest and Instagram, along with a little sneak peek of what I’m up to on Insta.

I’m not a big fan when websites have that endlessly scrolling feature and I feel like I’ll never reach the bottom so I didn’t want to frustrate you guys, therefore I added the footer.


+ What do you guys think of the new features? Is there anything you’d like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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