Two Clothing Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Throughout the year there are sales galore. Sales for shoes, shirts, skirts… Other items that don’t start with the letter ‘s’… You get the point.

But there are two things you should never pay full price for and if you do… Stop right now! There are some pretty good reasons why that I’ll explain later.

First, let’s see if you can guess which items I’m talking about. Who doesn’t love a good guessing game?

Here we go!

First clue: These items are technically a necessity.

They’re not that visible.

If you’re a girl, you wear them every day. That’s a pretty big hint right there.

Did you guess correctly? I’m talking about bras and underwear.

I almost always get my undergarments on sale because sometimes it’s hard to fathom paying nearly a hundred dollars for one bra. Why get one when you can get two for the same price? Same goes for undies.

And let’s face it, those undergarments are pretty important to us girls. We need the right support, coverage, and fit. Stores understand this, therefore, they make sales for intimates happen more often with more of bang-for-your-buck sales by offering buy one get one half off, buy two get one free, etc.

The reason why you should buy these items on sale more often is for good reasons that I told you I would expand on earlier. When you think about it, only you (and if you want to get technical, your significant other) see these items. So who cares if the color was from last year? Who cares if the bra is designer but it was from last season? Are you catching my drift here?

If this makes sense to you and kind of made a fictional light bulb turn on above your head then you’ll like what’s in the next category.

Where can you find good quality bras and undies? 

My go-to place is definitely Kohl’s. If you catch them with a really good sale for intimates, you can expect tons of racks filled to the brim with clearance bras and underwear.

Another is Macy’s. I can’t exactly remember what the sale was—I’m thinking semi-annual—but I walked away with two bras for about forty bucks.

Pretty much any department store will have semi-annual sales and good deals on intimates daily. Always, always, always check the clearance racks, you never know what you may find.

And if I can add my two cents, I would stay away from Walmart. Their bras aren’t that good of quality and the ones I did buy from there didn’t last.


+So remember, buy your intimates on sale and check department stores and their clearance racks for good deals.


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