This Color of Lipstick Can Determine Whether or Not You Land Your Dream Job

We all know how job interviews work; we’re nervous, anxious, a million thoughts (and doubts) are rushing through our brains. Did I wear the right outfit? Do I look “professional” enough? What if my credentials aren’t enough?

Many articles and books state that the outfit you wear can depict what the interviewer thinks of you and can often tell the kind of worker you are. But I think one crucial detail that is often overlooked is makeup. The first impression they see is you as a whole, or in other words, how you look and what you’re wearing. But what about the second impression? It’s your face. When they go in for the handshake and make eye contact, they take notice of your makeup.

To remain professional-like, you don’t want to go overboard with a full blown heavy eye and lip. My suggestion would be a natural look with a bold lip. You want to call attention to your mouth so the interviewer really listens to your awesome, thoughtful answers.

The ideal color to choose is plum. The reason for this is the color plum represents power, reliability, professionalism, and warmth. Kind of all the qualities desired in a new candidate, huh?

If plum isn’t exactly your favorite or you prefer not to have such a drastic color on your lips, try going for a red that has berry undertones. You’ll still get the same effect, just without the shock value that a purple lipstick can have.

So next time you think of a career change and go in for that life-altering interview, think of upping your chances by simply changing your lipstick. Remember all the things it represents and kill it. You got this, you know you do.

+ What do you think about wearing plum lipstick for a job interview?


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