10 Wardrobe Essentials for Summer

Let me ask you this: are you prepared for summer?

If you answered no, then allow me to take you through all the important wardrobe items needed to brave that summer heat.

If you answered yes, well, keep calm and read on!

A good ole pair of denim shorts

When I think of summer, the second thing that comes to mind has to be denim shorts. That distressed pair of cut-offs or the ones with the rolled up cuffs. Whatever your denim flavor is, they’re definitely a must-have for the blistering heat.

A good fitting swimsuit

I’m loving this age we’re in where women feel more confident than ever to wear swimsuits. No more hiding, no more concealing your body within a saggy bathing suit. Being afraid to put on a swimsuit is now a thing of the past; love yourself and love your body.



I’m seriously like a kid in a candy store when it comes to sneakers. If I could have a hundred (or more) pairs of them, I’d need a tiny house just for them. There’s nothing better than a classic outfit composed of a t-shirt, denim shorts, and canvas sneakers. It makes me think of those vintage photos where that was the only outfit ever.


Aside from sneakers, sandals are also a must-have for the summer. You don’t want your feet suffocating throughout the day, do you? Plus, it’s good to switch it up time-to-time! ‘Nuff said.



Seriously, you can’t have just one! You’re a weirdo if you only have one t-shirt. Just kidding, but really though; a t-shirt is just one of those items where you can’t have just one. Like cats. They’re the cats of clothing. Am I right?


I love those summer days when it’s warm in the afternoon then as the day goes on, it gets cooler by the evening. That’s where a kimono comes into play. Or, if a kimono isn’t exactly your style, simply switch it out for a cardigan. You’ll need something to keep you warm, right?


       A hat or two

One for the beach and one for a night on the town! There’s a multitude of hats floating around these days, like ones that say “do not disturb”, or “offline”. I guess you really can let your outfit speak for itself.

A cover-up that also doubles as an outfit

After a day of fun on the beach, you’re hungry and go in search of the perfect seafood dinner. So why run all the way back to the hotel just to change? That’s too much of a hassle. When you have a cover-up that doubles as a dress or a long t-shirt, you can do anything.

Gold-filled and/or sterling silver jewelry

When you perspire, (yes, I’m using a fancy word for sweating. Don’t judge.) the natural moisture from your body can eat away at that sleek yet cheap jewelry. And by the time you get home from your vacation, you can kiss your beloved pieces goodbye. So, invest in some great jewelry made with either gold-filled or sterling silver metal. These metals can last a lifetime when taken care of properly.

A hold-it-all carryall

You technically just need one big bag to carry all your summertime reads, shiny seashells, your beach blanket, and give or take your skincare necessities. Get one in a neutral color so it’ll match all your outfits.


+ Now that you know everything needed to face the heat of summer head on, what’s your must-have item for the hot season?


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