5 Things to Do Before the Start of Summer

T-minus fifteen days until it’s officially summer! Even though we’re already feeling the blistering heat of summer-like days already, it’s still spring. So savor these last days of mother nature’s beauty, get outside and have some fun!

Check out these five fun activities to do before the official start of summer:

Visit your local farmer’s market

Grab a reusable bag, maybe a friend and hit your local farmer’s market! Buy the freshest food you see, go home and make something you’ve never made before.

Host an outdoor movie party

Create your own projector screen using a white sheet or a large piece of fabric, round up your favorite people, create a playlist of good movies and good food and you got yourself a great party.

Take a quick road trip

Pack a day bag full of essentials needed for a quick trip to a new attraction that just opened up in your hometown or take it a step further and visit a nearby neighboring town.

Plant wildflowers and save the bees

Not only are they beautiful, but you’ll be helping the bees by allowing them a place to pollinate. Wildflowers grow best in temperatures of 80 degrees and below, but if you live in an area where it gets extremely hot, try putting them in shaded areas.

Go flower picking

Make sure you read up on your local laws about picking flowers. Some parks completely make flower picking off-limits but there are some orchards or farms that allow you to pick your own for a small price.


+ What’s your favorite springtime activity? Let me know in the comments!


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