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How To Purge Your Closet (The Right Way)

Purging your closet is more than just tossing out clothes then buying more, it’s a strategy of deciding what stays, what goes and why you need to keep that piece of clothing you claim to love. And sorry, but just saying, “it’s cute”, doesn’t work.

Here are the steps for a complete closet pair down:

Take everything out of your closet

When I say everything, I seriously mean everything. You need to get a good look at everything you have in your closet, including shoes and accessories. Lay them according to categories like winter clothes, summer clothes, denim, flannel, etc.; whatever helps you remain organized because trust me, staying organized through this will keep you sane.

2017-05-25 12.44.45 1.jpg


Do you really need ten pairs of jeans? What about those five pairs of white sneakers? This step kind of speaks for itself.

2017-05-31 01.15.31 1.jpg


I know we just talked about sorting your stuff by categories, but now it’s time to get more serious. Grab some bins and label them like so:

  • Keeping; these are the items you want. You wear them on a regular basis and/or they’re useful for certain seasons.
  • Donating; I rarely throw away my clothes (unless they have holes or rips). I will always donate the things I never wear or wore once and never touched again. Just because you won’t wear it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.
  • Selling; for those designer items or sometimes thrift shops will actually pay you for your unworn or barely worn stylish clothing.

Seems easy, right? And it relatively is. Just keeping the mindset of pairing down and reducing your clothing can sometimes be challenging because I know I’m the type that’ll be like, “But it’s so cute!”, but does it fit correctly? Have I worn it more than three times? Decisions, decisions… But let me put it this way, if you haven’t worn it more than once, or three times, think of all the people that will. That definitely makes purging your closet way more worth it.


+ What do you do when purging your closet? Let me know in the comments!


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