Wednesday Motivation No. 4

Ah, Wednesday. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with you but we all know you are just misunderstood. You stand in the middle of week and make us question, “When will the weekend come?” but we all know you are here for us, and with that, we salute you. 


Life is hard. When things don’t go our way or we didn’t expect ourselves to be where we are at today, it can be difficult to realize that. We all had this idea of when we were kids of exactly how our lives would play out. We’d all be living in big houses with lots of pets, lots of cars and of course, lots of money. It’s so easy to think all of that is achievable when we’re small, but then we grow older and harsh reality comes into play and we realize it’s not that simple. It can be hard to grasp at first but the most important thing is to keep going.

When you sit down and ponder where your life is at now, you can’t be all negative. There are positives to every situation. You’re alive, you’re breathing, you have something or someone that makes your life happy. Never let go of that feeling that you have a purpose on this earth, that you are meant to do something worth while on this planet. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, but don’t worry, it will come. Success isn’t bestowed upon us when we’re born, it’s up to us to make our lives successful and sometimes that doesn’t involve money. Maybe it involves making a difference in another’s life, or to give back to your community. Whatever it is, you’ll know when you find it.

So keep going. Keep reaching for those stars because even though they seem far away, they’re not impossible to reach.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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