Wednesday Motivation No. 3

Being yourself is hard, sometimes. There are times where we feel we can’t express ourselves or we feel discouraged to do so. But why?

Whatever your reason is, ignore it. No one has a right to make you feel inferior or lesser than. As humans, we are all beautiful in our way, we are all fifferent from one another, so why not celebrate it? Celebrate it by being who you truly are, who you really want to be as a person. We are all capable of amazing things, and being ourselves is one of them.

I’ve dealt with the feeling of not knowing myself, not understanding who I truly am when I was younger. And I can honestly tell you this: you will find yourself. You’ll go through times that’ll challenge your character, challenge you physically and/or mentally and that’s when you really find yourself.

And when you do, it’s the greatest thing. You know your boundaries, your limits but also what makes you unique.

So leave a little sparkle wherever you ho, make your mark, make people remember you by expressing yourself and standing up for what you believe in. No matter what comes your way, know that you can handle it. You will get through it and nothing is too hard for you to handle.

Be kind, be grateful, be whatever makes you, you because no one can ever take that away.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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