Magazine Wishlist

I’ve been on the hunt for a new read lately, and with my current Pinterest obsession, I’ve been seeing these magazines in every flatlay picture possible. So, I decided to do some research to see what they’re about and I picked which ones I think I’ll be interested in.

Here’s a roundup of my favorites:


Belong magazine

I came across this one while scrolling through Instagram. I think someone I followed tagged Belong mag in one of their pictures.

Now, I know what they say- “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but I can’t help it! If the cover doesn’t look good to me then I don’t really want to know more about it. But I’m a sucker for succulents so I just had to know more! Here’s how they explain what they’re all about on their about page:

“Belong Magazine is a quarterly digital and print magazine celebrating the art and community of blogging, social media and entrepreneurship. In all that we do, we desire for women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire women to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong.

Community is the soul of Belong Magazine which is why we have created a space to highlight some of the amazing resources – networks, conferences, other bloggers and businesswomen, etc… The world wide web is exactly that – a gigantic, messy mass of roads through which it is incredibly hard to find any destination, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Belong Magazine hopes to be the map – or at least the navigation system. To create. To connect. To encourage. To inspire. So that women can find a place where they belong.”

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? With that as their purpose, I’m definitely hooked already.



This one and the one after next are ones I see all over Pinterest and Instagram. I’m slightly obsessed with flatlay pictures, so I figured why not to check out one of the magazines I’m constantly seeing.

Here’s what’s stated on their about page:

“Delving deeply into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. Since 2011, Kinfolk has become a leading lifestyle authority with a dynamic mix of print and online media, including a quarterly magazine sold in over 100 countries in four languages, daily posts on, bestselling books, plus international events and a gallery space in the heart of Copenhagen.”

I’m still not entirely sure what they’re completely about; they might be a little too “professional” for my taste, since I like stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously but I’m still wanting to give it a try.


Magnolia Journal

I watch Fixer Upper and have seen Joanna’s magazine at JoAnn’s but never thought about picking it up until I actually read what it’s about:

“The Magnolia Journal is a quarterly lifestyle publication that promises fresh inspiration for your life and home in each new season.

“My goal in creating this magazine was to connect with readers from all walks of life, to share content so valuable and so meaningful that you hold on to each issue and return to them again and again.

I want you to be inspired, confident and empowered to try something new by simply picking up a copy and setting aside a quiet moment for yourself to read. The Magnolia Journal is out now—pick up your first issue today!”

– Joanna”

I’m seriously pulled in by her message and for her to create something that’s inspiring at every turn, I’m definitely picking this up next time I see it.



This is the other Instagram favorite I’m always seeing. Again, I don’t know if this one will be too stiff. From what I gathered from their about section for Volume 13, it’s about the style, art and scenery in different cities. Have a look for yourself:

“In this volume, we discuss design with John Pawson and Margaret Howell, explore the cities of Sydney and London, and escape to Sri Lanka and Bali. We also sail with Loro Piana, visit the studio of Landon Metz, and tour the former home of Georgia O’Keeffe.”

It’s definitely worth looking at though because the style sections peak my interest.


Have you read any of these magazines? If so, do you like it/them?

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