Wednesday Motivation No. 1

Ah, Wednesday. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with you but we all know you are just misunderstood. You stand in the middle of week and make us question, “When will the weekend come?” but we all know you are here for us, and with that, we salute you. 

Let’s turn Wednesdays into motivation to get through the rest of the week busting our butts and getting whatever work that needs to be done, done! From now on you can expect weekly affirmations to inspire you to work hard, play hard and/or bring you out of a slump.

Here’s the first one:

its okayThis statement I can definitely relate to because all throughout my school years, I fell behind. Constantly. I wasn’t learning as fast as the other kids, my teachers wouldn’t help me catch up and asking questions would agitate them because they had 20 lessons to get through in one hour. I know, some school I went to. But considering where I lived during that time, having only one middle school and one high school, it’s amazing I learned anything at all. Classrooms were overcrowded, teachers couldn’t wrangle the students to behave… It was a mess.

After I dropped out, I was able to find my way and learn a lot more. Being more hands-on with things, reading at my own pace, actually able to soak up the knowledge I was getting and asking questions.

What can I say? Sometimes school just isn’t for some. It’s better to realize that sooner than later.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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