Modern Earth Day DIYs

Earth Day is when we all need to think about our efforts we put forward to help protect, replenish and prevent bad things from happening to the land we live on today.

There’s always things and steps we can take that’s not only better for the Earth, but we can also benefit from it too. With that said, I’d like to show you four projects you can easily do yourself using items found around the house, or even things you are getting ready to throw out.

Torn, stretched out, washed out clothes that won’t be good for donating? Try this DIY by Almost Makes Perfect using recycled fabric on notebooks. Side note: I think I will definitely try this to cover my sketchbook that some little kitty chewed on and left deep teeth marks in…

diy-fabric-notebooks-almost-makes-perfect-1.png   Photo by: Almost Makes Perfect


Have you finally scrapped all that you can out of that lotion bottle? Instead of throwing it away, transform it into something extremely useful like this project by Homey Oh My.

DIY-Wall-Pocket-OrganizersPhoto by: Homey Oh My


Remember when mason jars were the hot new trend and everyone went out and bought them by the case load? And you don’t even use them for making your own jam? Turn those dust collectors into a watering can like The Merrythought did!

WateringCan11(pp_w730_h1039)Photo by: The Merrythought


Last but certainly not least; if you know someone or somewhere where they cut down dead trees, ask them to take a huge slice so you can turn it into this awesome coffee table from Burkatron!

diy wood slice stool.jpgPhoto by: Burkatron


And there you have it! Whether you recreate these DIYs or find other useful ways for dormant objects lying around your place, I’d love to hear it!

As a send-off, let’s remember to keep Mother Earth looking amazing and do all that we can to play our part in the world to reduce, reuse and recycle (sorry, couldn’t help myself).


What Are Your Thoughts?

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