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An Introduction

I thought I’d do a (somewhat) quick introduction to better explain why I’m here and why I decided to create this blog.

A bit about me first- my name is Kayla, I’m a Pisces and I like to think of myself as many different things like an artist, jewelry designer (enter shameless plug of my handmade jewelry website here:, writer, fashion stylist, fashion designer… The whole nine yards. Or maybe eleven since I need a bigger field to hold my self-proclaimed titles.

I’m also a believer in many things as well such as magic, gypsies, the moon, the stars and the biggest one: the universe. I believe everything happens for a reason and that good things are bound to come out of bad things. With that being said, I came across the idea of starting what was going to be called Orphic but is now onyx + quartz.

Orphic is an adjective meaning mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding. So, I thought it’d be a perfect name for a bohemian blog since that culture is often associated with otherworldly aspects.

As I mentioned before, I believe everything happens for a reason and well, Orphic just wasn’t going to happen. The name was taken almost everywhere and when you Google that name it’s associated with a religion and a Greek prophet. I didn’t feel very comfortable with that frankly because I don’t want to discuss religion on my blog. I judge no one for what they believe in; just getting that out there now.

But everything just pointed away from the name Orphic and while it is a good word and name for something, I came to realize that it didn’t fit me… I honestly asked myself while trying to still keep the name but in different formats (like (at)orphicblog, or (at)blog_orphic…), if it was what I wanted. Sure, I liked it but that was it. I just didn’t connect with it so I knew it had to change.

After being flustered because I already had so many things in mind with that name, I started madly jotting down words I liked. Gemstones in particular- quartz, pyrite, moonstone, onyx… Then some other things/words- flowers, gold, moon…

I tried moon + quartz, taken. Quartz + onyx, taken on one non-business social media account… Moonstone + flowers… Didn’t like it that much. And yes, as you can tell, I really wanted a name with a plus sign in between. I just think it looks sleek and different.

After the pairings I saw I had written down onyx + quartz. Almost losing all hope in a good name for my blog, my stomach was in knots and my heart fluttering when I entered to see if that name was taken across a multitude of platforms… Gmail, check. Pinterest, check. Instagram, almost threw up… Someone has that name, but thank God they had two other letters attached at the end… Phew! Crisis diverted.

Continued checking the other platforms and I was in the clear! onyx + quartz is mine. Keeping with the meaning, purpose and integrity I had for Orphic, the only change I made was I decided to make it more modern. So I now present you with onyx + quartz- a modern, bohemian blog created to inspire free and beautiful minds, like yours.

I hope you’ll join me for this ride as I plan to make this blog something everyone can enjoy since there’s nothing like it already. Uniqueness? Check.


I’ve introduced myself, so now it’s time to get to know you! Please feel free to comment with whatever you wish to share with me and the world. No pressure.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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