Should You Use WEN Cleansing Conditioner?

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If you’ve been thinking of using this new, inventive take on replacing your individual shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner with just ONE product, you’ve found it in this one!

For those who maybe haven’t heard of WEN before or know little about it, let me get down to the (not so) nitty-gritty.

What is it?

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Wednesday Motivation No. 1

Ah, Wednesday. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with you but we all know you are just misunderstood. You stand in the middle of week and make us question, “When will the weekend come?” but we all know you are here for us, and with that, we salute you. 

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Modern Earth Day DIYs

Earth Day is when we all need to think about our efforts we put forward to help protect, replenish and prevent bad things from happening to the land we live on today.

There’s always things and steps we can take that’s not only better for the Earth, but we can also benefit from it too. With that said, I’d like to show you four projects you can easily do yourself using items found around the house, or even things you are getting ready to throw out.

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An Introduction

I thought I’d do a (somewhat) quick introduction to better explain why I’m here and why I decided to create this blog.

A bit about me first- my name is Kayla, I’m a Pisces and I like to think of myself as many different things like an artist, jewelry designer (enter shameless plug of my handmade jewelry website here:, writer, fashion stylist, fashion designer… The whole nine yards. Or maybe eleven since I need a bigger field to hold my self-proclaimed titles.

I’m also a believer in many things as well such as magic, gypsies, the moon, the stars and the biggest one: the universe. I believe everything happens for a reason and that good things are bound to come out of bad things. With that being said, I came across the idea of starting what was going to be called Orphic but is now onyx + quartz.

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