onyx + quartz is now Charcoal + Silk | NEW WEBSITE

Hey, everyone!

Long time, no see! And Happy New Year, by the way!

I wanted to keep you guys in the loop so I’m here today to tell you that there have been quite a few changes. More like major changes.

First, o + q is no longer. It’s sad but when I first started this blog, I imagined it being something entirely different. It was supposed to be a bohemian blog, talking about all things magic and otherworldly.

Unfortunately, that’s not a subject I can talk about for hours on end. If you’re going to start a blog, make sure that it’s a topic you are passionate about, that’s rule #1.

So, it eventually turned into a fashion and beauty blog. But things also weren’t quite clicking there either. Turns out, you guys liked the beauty posts more than the fashion ones!

I thought that was awesome so I decided to take time out of running this blog to explore my other options. Kind of like finding yourself, except I was looking for my blog concept.

I landed on natural beauty.

It’s a subject I can definitely talk about and I do believe in enhancing your own natural beauty. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was around seventeen and even then I didn’t like caking it on.

I think in today’s world there’s a set standard. That women, no matter their age, have to look a certain way. And do their makeup a certain way as well.

We’re taught that more is better when actually, less is better. We don’t need someone to teach us to pile on the makeup. But rather, we need someone to teach us that our flaws are more than okay.

I want to be that person.

I struggled with my self-image before. Wondering if I was pretty enough. I was the girl in the school classroom with big curly hair, glasses, and teeth that don’t look like everyone else’s.

I struggled every day with the thought that I wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t until I dropped out and got to know myself.

Being away from negative people helped me to understand that I’m different. But different in a good way. I choose to dress the way I do and look the way I do because that’s what I want.

We all want to portray a certain image to the world and I get that. But we all need confidence first.

So maybe it’s not so much about teaching people how to wear less makeup but rather build their confidence. Building confidence through makeup and through skincare.

The way we are on the inside makes us beautiful. Our souls, our personalities.

We should all have that reflect on the outside as well, right?

That’s why I created Charcoal + Silk.

While everything is still being worked out, meaning the website and its content, I invite you to follow along. Feel free to follow the progress on Instagram and at the new website.

Thank you for being here when o + q was going strong. Now I thank you for continuing with me on this journey.

Fall Fashion Inspiration

When AUrate challenged me to create the perfect fall outfit, the first question they asked me was how I create the perfect fall outfit.

The first word that came to mind was comfort. Think about it: all those fall activities like pumpkin picking and walking through the orchard are fun but if you’re dressed uncomfortably, it won’t be.

I’m all about being comfortable in my clothes. If I know I’m going to be tugging at falling straps or shifting fabric, I won’t wear that article of clothing.

Fall is the perfect time to break out the big, comfy sweaters along with a good ole pair of denim jeans. And who could get forget the jewelry?

As I say, jewelry is the cherry on top of outfits. It’s that one little thing that makes a huge difference.

When it comes to pairing jewelry with fall attire, there’s one rule: keep it simple!

Oversized sweaters are my favorite look but if you pair that with chunky jewels, it looks unbalanced. Think like a minimalist and grab some simple studs.

Necklaces are great but since most sweaters are made from knits, necklaces can easily become tangled in the fibers. Then, you go to rip the jewelry out of the fabric, causing it to fray. Not a good look.

That’s why I love these earrings from AUrate. All you need is a sweater, jeans, sneakers, and a messy top knot to go with them.

Fall is the best time to break out the classics. Whether that’s a sweater or jewelry, now’s the time to showcase it.

+What’s your fall must have?

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm Review

This post is sponsored by Farmacy Beauty but all opinions are my own.

I have to be honest, I never heard of a makeup cleansing balm. I thought all makeup removers were the same.

They either came in a cloth or liquid form. So, I was pretty excited when Farmacy sent this over to me.

My first impression is that the packaging is amazing. It comes in a little green box that actually folds open to tell their story.

If you’re unfamiliar with Farmacy, they’re known for their ingredients. They use only naturally derived ingredients. That’s a huge plus in my book!

This cleanser smells of freshness that’s undeniable. It’s subtle and when it goes on your skin, it’s like a fresh of breath air. It’s not overwhelming so it’s great for those with sensitivities to scents.

It starts off as a balm but as you work onto your skin, it turns almost oil-like. But trust me, it’s not messy.

I’ve tried a lot of makeup removers before. The cloth and liquid forms.

This balm picks up every flake of mascara and every streak of foundation. I don’t wear much makeup to begin with but when I do, I want it all off my face at the end of the day.

Even one little flake of mascara on my pillow the next day annoys me to no end.

Oh, did I mention it also helps wipe away “impurities caused by pollution”? That’s exactly what’s written on the tub and let me tell you, I could feel it.

Even when I don’t wear makeup, I still get that yucky skin feeling at the end of the day. This also works as a nice refresher for when your face just needs a good cleanse.

So technically it does double duty! Or I guess you can say triple because my skin feels so fresh and clean after each use that I don’t feel the need to moisturize.

I don’t think you can get much better than that! I’m all for companies that incorporate ingredients that are good for your skin.

It’s made from natural oils like ginger root and sunflower along with papaya extract (which is great for anti-aging). All of the ingredients work together to get rid of all of that gunk built up onto your skin.

So, the question that I’m sure you all are asking is this: is it worth it?

My answer is a strong yes. And the price isn’t that bad either. For a makeup remover that’s good for your skin and affordable-it’s a definite yes.

Speaking of the price, Farmacy was kind enough to give me and my readers/followers a 20% discount!

Use the code Green48 from now until Oct. 31, 2017 to get your own tub (or something else!)

Shop the Cleansing Balm here.

Shop their other products here.

Jan Marini Skin Research products

My Secret Weapons for Fall

This post is sponsored by Jan Marini Skin Research. All opinions are my own.

While I do love the cooler season, the constant dry skin is bothersome. Especially when it comes to my hands and face.

Every morning I wake up, my skin is crying for moisture. Normal moisturizers only last for about half of the day. After that, it’s back to feeling dry like the desert.

Speaking of desert, living in one makes it even harder to achieve moisturized skin. Humidity is almost non-existent (except when there’s a good chance for rain) so the sun is always beaming.

Even though we aren’t in triple-digit heat anymore, the sun still takes a toll. At the end of the day, I just feel gross.

And while I do want to take care of my skin, having to go through multiple routines is too much for me. By nighttime, I’m ready for bed and just want to relax. I don’t feel like standing at my bathroom sink for an hour tending to my skin.

I thought it always had to be that way so my skin wasn’t up to par. Until I was given Jan Marini Clean Zyme Cleanser and Skin Zyme mask.

I’ll be honest, I never tried a mask before. The thought of having a gloopy, heavy product on my face that I was going to wipe off anyway didn’t make sense to me.

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Know the signs if your hair is damaged

Are You Unknowingly Damaging Your Hair?

Ladies, whether we’re getting ready in the morning or for a night out, styling our locks is a part of the process. But can too much styling be a bad thing?

It can. All that product that makes your hair stiff so it’ll stay in place or create bouncy waves can be fatal.

Too much of a good thing can ultimately lead to hair damage. If you’re guilty of doing any of the things below, it’s time to rethink next time you style your hair.

Let’s take a look at what’s damaging your tresses.

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Know How to Clean Your Hair Brushes With These Easy Tips

We don’t often think about it but did you know your hair brush harbors all that leftover product you used yesterday?

When you go to brush your hair the next morning, all that product gets transferred back into your hair and scalp. Gross!

If you experience that greasy feeling after you’ve brushed your hair, now you know why. All that icky stuff can be cleaned with a few simple steps.

Ready to find out how to clean your hair brushes? Here we go!

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Meet One Company That’s Changing How All Women Find Makeup | Shade Collective

As a woman, it can be difficult to find the right shade of makeup. With so many choices, how can you decide on just one?
There’s a lot of different makeup brands along with their own formulas of colors, shades, and tones. But more importantly, how do you know if it’ll look good on you?

I’m here to tell you about one company that’s transforming the way women buy makeup. For now, they just have a website but have plans of creating it into an app for all mobile devices.

Instead of using models, Shade Collective allows their users to post pictures of themselves wearing a certain brand of makeup where other women can then filter their search results to find users with their similar skin tone. This allows for them to see how that shade or color palette will look on them.

This eliminates the regret of buying what seemed like the perfect shade then trying it on at home and being disappointed. The days of shopping regret is over.

If you want a different way to shop for makeup knowing you’re picking the right one for you, it’s definitely worth signing up.

They actually award their members for helping others by posting pictures through a point system. Once you accumulate enough points, you earn free makeup. How awesome is that?!

With it being used by real people, you get real results. They don’t allow for paid endorsement from companies or users paid to promote one.

The difference is huge. While most companies do create makeup for women of color, most races do go unnoticed or put into the same category as another.

Shade Collective breaks all barriers associated to how we shop and think about makeup. “If they won’t represent us, we will represent ourselves!”

Check them out on social media! Follow them on Instagram + like them on Facebook.

Sunscreen Isn’t Just for the Summertime + June Jacobs Skincare

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sunscreen or sun protection is that it’s only needed in the summertime.


So wrong, in fact. Does the sun magically go away in the spring, fall, and winter? Does it automatically become less powerful in those seasons?


We are less than a month away from fall and that’s when the sun protection becomes less of a priority.

When you do this, you’re exposing your skin to harmful UV rays that damage your skin when it goes unprotected. Anytime you’re outside is when you need some sort of sunscreen.

Now, the summertime scent is often one of sunscreen. It smells… Unpleasant. Something between plastic and baby powder is how I would describe it.


What if I told you there were products out there that not only combined amazing skin-loving ingredients such as antioxidant-rich pomegranate, white tea, goji berry and green tea, just to name a few mixed with lavish scents of mint, citrus, and freshness?

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Banish Static Cling with These Simple Tips

The enemy of your clothes?

Static cling.

That annoyance that shows up unannounced until you get up from your seat and feel your skirt or dress stick to your legs.

How embarrassing!

To get rid of static cling you don’t need any fancy formulas or techniques. All you really need are items found around the house.

Here are the tips needed to rid yourself of this clothing nuisance.

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